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Mary Fleur of old
Mary Fleur, who we are
This is an old story that explains how our adventure began. It was winter...
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The Azdora Romagnola
The mistress of the kitchen In Romagna one of the most important roles of the home...
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galli theater rimini balconies
What happened in Rimini
Which Italian, speaking of Rimini, doesn't think of Rimini full of people over the years...
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tiberio bridge rimini
The Devil's Bridge?
Do you love mysterious legends? Rimini, like any city rich in history, also boasts...
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Faustina and Hotel Mary Fleur
We have been members of Legambiente since 2005 and do everything we can to make you spend a...
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Traditional dishes from the Romagna Riviera
When you choose to spend a few relaxing days in Romagna what you...
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deer salt
Cervia Sweet Salt
One of the souvenirs that you can bring home to friends and relatives as it is the only one of...
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When the bread is baked
It doesn't always happen every day but sometimes in our kitchen we feel the desire...
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Viserba beach in Rimini
The beach of Rimini is ideal for seaside holidays, it is a chosen place...
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Naturalistic itineraries: trekking and hiking
Hiking in Romagna The Romagna area is made up of different situations...
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