Green Hotel

Take a seat in our eco-friendly hotel

L'Hotel Mary Fleur from the 2005 he married the green philosophy. Sixteen years of relationships with Legambiente Turismo, to improve the quality of the vrespecting the environment, of nature and of ourselves. We decided to join this project to encourage a Sustainable tourism and we made it eco-friendly hotel structure. Separate waste collection, flow reducers and low consumption lamps. Menu with homemade proposals entail less packagingthe; in fact better zero wastewhat to differentiate! THE products, that we wanted to include in our meals, they all come from our territory, in this way we favor the short supply chain. We serve tables filtered water of our aqueduct and organically produced wine. Taste our fresh pasta, the result of art and tradition. Fruit and vegetables are in season. In our office we only use recycled and chlorine-free paper. Breakfast features quality and seasonal products, linked to the 0 km philosophy. For example the desserts are homemade with flours, jams and organic ingredients. Fruit and vegetables are in season and wine from organic farming is also available.

Green holidays, come and try them!


Legambiente member since 2005

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