Faustina and Hotel Mary Fleur

We have been members of Legambiente since 2005 and do everything we can to ensure that you have a holiday to remember with affection and respect for the environment.

For us, 2020 will be the year in which we pay even more attention to plastic and how to reduce and/or eliminate it from our working lives. Here are our practices and habits that have led us over the years to reduce the use of plastic

  • our dispenser distributes fresh natural and sparkling water continuously and included in the price; this allowed us to do not use plastic bottles with meals and not to increase waste outside;
  • we have the courtesy set has been eliminated and replaced with hand and shower dispensers. We opted for the refillable ones, without any plastic waste in the dispenser replacement. In every purchase we ask ourselves how to buy better, in the logic of not creating waste.
  • we do not use disposable plastic cups and plates
  • we have adopted a turtle at the Cetacea Foundation in Riccione and we joined the Blu Booking project. With ours plastic straws replaced with those of paper the kids from the Rimini Art School created wonderful sculptures!
  • all of ours detergents they are purchased from an indigenous company that collects the relevant plastic containers and reuses them for the next order. The containers are 5, 10 and 20 l/kg and are used to fill and reuse the smaller ones daily;
  • for the order of fruits and vegetables we return the plastic containers to the company for reuse
  • by using seasonal and fresh fruit and vegetables we do not produce plastic waste for the buffet.
  • the unavoidable canned goods are however recycled according to the guidelines of our municipality, respecting separate waste collection.
  • on the at the breakfast buffet we have eliminated single portions! The homemade production of many of our delicacies by hand does not produce waste and this helps to improve quality and the environment!
  • we try to limit the use of cling film through measures in the working cycle
  • our staff is trained to recycle waste, thanks also to the help of our guests who already separate glass, plastic and paper in the rooms.
  • in the various purchases we always prefer objects whose recycling is easily achievable!

The objective can no longer just be recycling but must be not producing waste!

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