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Hiking in Romagna

The Romagna territory it is made up of different environmental situations that make the landscape very heterogeneous and interesting. Perhaps many do not know that a few kilometers from the sea, inhinterland, you can discover something fascinating: lush nature, rich fauna, unusual views, infinite landscapes and perched villages.

If you are passionate about trekking and hiking, our territory offers you various routes that will introduce you to another side of Rimini e from the Romagna that you don't know and that will surely leave you surprised.

Here are some of the most beautiful routes to take hiking in Romagna.

Colle di Covignano

Length: 6 km

Difficulty: tourist

CAI 029 numbering

Description: simple route to discover a hilly area of Rimini which has a Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie, the Museum of Sguardi and the Church of Santa Maria in Scolca.

From Bellaria to Villa Torlonia

Length: 11.5 km

CAI 053 numbering

Description: the path follows the course of the Uso river and then the Rio Salto; a bit of asphalt road and you reach Torre in the territory of San Mauro Pascoli.

From Rimini to Ponte Verucchio 

Length: 20.6 km

CAI 017 numbering

Description: cycle/pedestrian path that follows the right bank of the Marecchia River. Through the cycle path that starts in Rimini and arrives at Ponte Verucchio. Itinerary very popular with walkers and cyclists.

Verucchio Bridge, Montebello, Torriana 

Length: 16.1 km

Difficulty: hiking

Duration: 4h45′

CAI numbering 03/03A

Description: From the mystery of the ghost of Azzurrina to the Rocca di Torriana and the Sanctuary of the Maonna di Saiano, this excursion will allow you to discover truly evocative corners.

From Montebello to Monte Matto

Length: 5.9 km

Difficulty: Hiking

Duration: 1h30′

CAI numbering 03A 05

Description: Territory with high environmental and landscape value. In the area there are: 135 species of birds, 24 species of mammals, 10 species of reptiles and 8 of amphibians.

From Lake Faetano to Montefiore Conca

Length: 8-10 km

Difficulty: Hiking

Duration: 7h20

CAI 019 numbering

Description: the path starts at Lake Faetano 200 meters from the border with the Republic of San Marino. You cross the municipalities of Montescudo, Montecolombo, Gemmano and Montefiore.

From Mondaino to Cerreto Castle

Length: 14.6 km

Difficulty: Hiking

Duration: 4h45′

CAI numbering 019/09

Description: classic itinerary for hiking lovers which covers an area made up of hills alive with vegetation.

Miratoio- Sasso Simone and Simoncello – Homes for homeless people

Difficulty: Hiking

Duration: 5h15min

CAI numbering 17-118-61

Description: the path begins in Miratoio, one of the most characteristic villages in the park as the houses were built with local rock. You will then reach the top of Sasso Simone Simoncello from which you have a 360° panorama over the entire surrounding area.

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