Viserba beach in Rimini

The beach of Rimini is ideal for seaside holidays, it is a place chosen by families with children, who will finally be able to relax and splash around in the safe waters of the sea of Viserba.

You will find all the hospitality and friendliness of the Romagna welcome, a staff always at your disposal will be available for every need.

You will find beach facilities capable of offering excellent services with high quality standards, you will find great relaxing sunbeds, a beach with very fine sand, clean and safe, some facilities are used as a wellness area, fitness area, with bowling greens, ping pong, beach tennis , beach volleyball, games and inflatables for your little ones.

Among the other services you will find changing cabins, hot and nebulized showers, card tables, picnic area, first aid and obviously rescue personnel.

Creative workshops for children are often organized within the baby clubs, supervised by the entertainment team and babysitters, who will involve the little ones in the baby disco, entertain them with mini shows, treasure hunts and chocolate parties.

Activities such as pilates, yoga and shiatsu, muscle toning and water aerobics are designed for adults.

There are many beaches used to accommodate disabled people, thanks to the presence of structures suitable for welcoming people with mobility problems.

A beach holiday without architectural barriers, ideal for the movement of wheelchairs, presence of ad hoc cabins, higher aluminum sunbeds.

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