Fried Onions

Not many years ago, a very dear customer of ours from Parma arrived at Mary Fleur, after sitting at the table, not always at the first meal, but almost, she asked my mother: "Signora Libera, when will you make me fried onions?" A specialty and a recipe that we carry with us from the past which often creates amazement in new customers and beautiful memories of past holidays in existing customers. Preparing fried onions makes the cook and everyone in the kitchen cry all morning and we have tried all possible grandmother's remedies, from the toothpick in the mouth to the mask, nothing can attenuate the strength of the Romagna onion which must be strictly flat to being able to make sure that the rings come out nice and big.

You start early in the morning by cutting them, if you have a slicer it's better, so the rings are all the same thickness. While the onions rest in salt for about 1 hour, prepare the batter with flour, egg whites and sparkling water. The secret is to get the right consistency, neither too liquid nor too thick. Then fry in very hot oil, trying not to overlap the rings and draining the excess batter.

Serve hot immediately!!!

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