Homemade white lasagna

Another feature of ours is homemade pasta!

I don't know if there are still many hotels that produce lasagna in-house from A to Z. We do!!

We start in the morning with the preparation of the puff pastry which is then cut into strips approximately 20 cm wide. and then left to dry slightly. Then it is cooked in salted water and spread out in a pan. White lasagne differs from traditional ones because instead of ragù, bechamel, also strictly homemade, alternates with stracchino, parmesan and sausage cut into small pieces and sautéed in a pan until cooked. If you love rocket, in Romagna they use wild rocket, with a strong and unmistakable flavour, you can add it both in the layers and on the surface or just on the surface depending on your taste... don't overdo it, otherwise you will only taste the flavor of the rocket!!!

Enjoy your meal!!!

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