Italy in Miniature

The most interesting amusement park located in the hamlet of Viserba And "Italy in Miniature”. An exhibition of over 85,000 m² which presents fascinating miniatures made with resin foam, the main subjects are Italian monuments such as Piazza San Pietro, the Arena of Verona, the Colosseum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Don't miss the opportunity to ride a gondola along the mini Grand Canal that crosses mini Venice. A unique experience, where you can observe Italy in just one day.

For the more adventurous it is possible to experience an aquatic roller coaster, which in its path of ups and downs and river rapids, ensures unrepeatable fun, the same goes for the Sling Shot, an attraction for those who want to be launched into the air. The panoramic tower is for those who do not suffer from vertigo, its cars turn on the pivot of the carousel and rise up to 10 meters high.

There are special play areas for children, and for young people it is possible to have fun on the go kart tracks. The walk unravels between the exhibition pavilion, the games room and the Science Luna Park with representations of prehistoric life.

For a short meal you can find refreshment in the picnic area, where you will find kiosks and restaurants alternating with shops, for those who want to do a bit of shopping and buy a souvenir.

Ivo Rimboldi was the creator of the park which was inaugurated in 1970.

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