Fairs and festivals all year round

For those who love and want to discover Romagna it will be useful to know that events are continuously organized in this land that enhance its territorial and cultural value.

Between history, folklore and typical products you will be able to discover all the new sides of such a varied and luxuriant land.

You can participate in the town's events, at festival, some of which are known nationally, there are many popular festivals that will allow you to savor local flavors and perceive intense aromas.

All you need to do is plan to spend a weekend in Rimini in order to participate in one of these events, open-air weekends and adventurous excursions will be dedicated to naturalistic or cultural exploration.

The traditions and festivals of Romagna will allow you to imagine times now past and distant, animated by a population of farmers and sailors, who were able to make this land known internationally, for its places, for its services and for its culture.

Meetings, festivals and fairs, which represent a significant point of interaction, an interaction that over the years and centuries has made Romagna a place of intercultural and commercial exchanges, today told through images, books, demonstrations and events.

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