Cycle tourism in Romagna

Our hotel puts bicycles and child seats at your disposal so you can take your children with you. Romagna is a land that has a vocation for cycle tourism, thanks also to the nature trails it offers.

Cycle tourism is particularly widespread and practiced and there are many associations and clubs that organize ad hoc events for cycling enthusiasts.

Climbs and descents on gentle hills, every year, in the summer, are caressed by groups of cyclists.

Hills that descend towards the sea have allowed great champions to train, grow and win.

There are many itineraries that will allow you to admire fantastic natural scenery, which will allow you to experience a unique cycling experience, to be enjoyed individually or with a group, at various levels of difficulty.

Cycle tourism in Romagna is both professional and amateur and in a short time you will be able to travel along roads that go from the coast to the hills and to the mountains.

It is no coincidence that many tourists choose to train here because the air is good, the food is good and you can spend entire days dedicated to leisure.

A series of tours will allow you to discover Byzantine treasures and the fascinating Romagna hinterland, particularly suitable for those who choose to undertake cycling routes.

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