Rimini hinterland

A few kilometers from Rimini, going towards the hinterland it is possible to discover a hilly and rural landscape, among the valleys that we recommend visiting is that of the river Marecchia and that of the river Conch.


Valmarecchia-in-RomagnaIn this area it is possible to visit small well-known and historic places, such as Santarcangelo Di Romagna, located 10 km from Rimini, is a medieval, hilly village, made up of streets that go up and down and on the stairways that compose them the verses of local poets are quoted. As a medieval village it has city walls, the main square, Piazza Ganganelli with its triumphal arch, in all this the main structure is the Rocca Malatestiana.
Torriana and Montebello they are located 21 km from Rimini, they look like two gigantic fortresses, complete with keep and towers. Thirteenth-century watchtowers rise over the valley, leaving an air of ancient protection to breathe.
To the Montebello castle The myth of the ghost of Azzurrina, a 5-year-old princess who disappeared in the basement, is well known.
The sanctuary of the Madonna of Saiano, reachable only on foot, is very particular, because it is located on a rock that emerges in the middle of the bed of the Marecchia river.
Verucchio is about 14 km from Rimini, it is a fortress considered one of the first residences of the Malatesta. The Mastin Vecchio named by Dante was born here. Its historicity is very strong, in fact it is one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe.
TO Villa Verucchio one of the oldest trees in Italy still lives, namely the cypress of San Francesco, which is about 800 years old, was probably planted by the saint himself and is located in the cloister of the convent of the Franciscan Friars Minor.


valconca_romagnaMontefiore Conca It is located 30 km away from Rimini, the Malatesta fortress has geometric volumes and is dominant. The panorama allows you to glimpse the entire coast from Ravenna at Marche and then again San Marino.
Mondaino it is 35 km from Rimini, here too the Rocca Malatestiana is the protagonist. In “Il Paese dei Deini” we can see noble palaces next to small houses and the large circular square called “Piazza Padella”.
Montegridolfo it is on the ridge that divides the Conca valley on the Romagna side from the valley of Leaf on the Marche side. It is a town still entirely enclosed by high walls, complete with access from a tower and medieval door.
San Leo, 30 km from Rimini, dominated by the fortress is the ancient Mons Feretri, precisely Montefeltro. It was a prison during the papal dominion, where the Count of Cagliostro and Felice Orsini were locked up. A small village, of great historical intensity, which hosted Dante and St. Francis of Assisi.

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